Primorsky Food Manufactures

Primorsky Food Manufactures

A manufacturer of tomato paste, ketchups, sauces and canned vegetables, loved by millions.


Primorsky Food Manufactures (PPK Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer of tomato paste, sauces, ketchups and canned vegetables in the North-West Region (St. Petersburg). Over the long history of the manufacture, a professional team of technologists and managers has formed, which allowed us to dynamically develop production in a market economy, expanding the range and improving the quality of products.

Thanks to the combination of our technologists experience and knowledge with modern quality control systems in the production, we are able to manufacture products that meet international standards.

Our manufactures works on a high class of automation and sterility production lines, with minimal human intervention. This allows us to provide you a natural and long-life products.

Efficent and professional team

Modern and hi-tech manufactures

Competitive prices

Quality control

Our manufactures work under HACCP quality control system.

High-grade manufactures

As part of cooperation with large distribution networks and transnational corporations, our manufactures regularly undergoes high-grade production audits.

Primorsky Food Manufactures - a manufacturer of high standards

Our partners - large federal networks (Pyaterochka, Magnit, OKEY, Dixy, etc.) and transnational corporations (Uniliver, Heinz) - regularly monitoring our technological chain.

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